The capped and bumpered Lazy Sunday Render Dump

Only a handful this week, so I hope you like them!

As ever, all rendered in DAZ Studio by yours truly with varying degrees of Photoshoppery applied. Clicking makes ’em bigger.

5 Comments on “The capped and bumpered Lazy Sunday Render Dump”

  1. Amazing work again, I’m very tempted to get DAZ back out again.

    A couple of these look different – are you using Stephanie, or just good at morphs?

    1. Good eye! :)

      Yes, the last two are dial-spun Stephanie morphs. She’s rapidly become my favourite starting figure. With her built-in morphs it’s easy to create almost any figure type without needing to inject any other morphs, especially if you won’t want a typical supermodel/amazonian body shape.

      1. Thanks – although I don’t want people to think I’ve been peering too closely..! :D

        I’m tempted to take her for a spin now…

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