I posted up a quick challenge on Twitter: “First blog with 4e stats for a Sharktopus wins a no-prize!”. Deadorcs from Initiative or What replied speedily and in style with this statblock direct to my inbox, complete with permission to for me to post it up here for y’all to enjoy.

Which means, by the terms of the competition, I win the no-prize!

Well ok Deadorcs old boy. You can have it. Heck, you did do all the hard work. Congratulations!

3 Comments on “Sharktopus!”

  1. Wow, the only person I know of who’s been in more movies than Samuel L Jackson is Eric Roberts. Eric, you were my hero in Best of the Best, and still today in Sharktopus.

    Go Eric!

    Sadly, you were not my hero in Heroes.


  2. Oh thank you for this post!! I saw this trailer yesterday and thought, omg, this would be a great 4e critter for a random encounter. Love what you did with him.

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