The Too Hot to Handle Lazy Sunday Render Dump

Warning: One of these images is NSFW. I’m not telling you which, but I’ll give you a clue: it’s the one containing breasts.

Hey, it’s Sunday. If you’re working, you’ve only got yourself to blame :)

On with the show.

Assassin’s Leap

Warlady II

Pepper Potts and friend

I think it’s about time Iron Man had a real badass upgrade, don’t you?

Also, Pepper Potts. Yum.

Why Gnome Wizards never become Liches

Seriously. Not a good look.


Ticking every box

Who ordered the Lovecraftian manga horror fantasy sci-fi render?

Unjust cause

Why Mrs Robinson

Till next time!

6 Comments on “The Too Hot to Handle Lazy Sunday Render Dump”

  1. Amazing work as always! I’ve tried Daz in the past but can never get the dials right for the poses I want, somehow – so I can appreciate the effort that’s gone into these!

    Enjoying the comic over at StufferShack too – keep up the good work.

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