The Happy Birthday America Lazy Sunday Render Dump

Happy Birthday, you young whippersnapper :)

This is the quite brilliant free Dynamic American Flag from those nice patriotic people at DAZ3D.

Talking of free, here’s Max Overkill!

Maximum Overkill is DAZ3D’s freebie of the week. It’s a set of stupidly oversized weapons – what’s not to love? Max Overkill is also my new favourite name for a huge chaingun toting superhero. So there.

Beyond the realms of guns and flags, this week has seen a fair number of Stephanie 4 renders. Here’s the pick of the crop.

Finally, what render dump is complete without a ninja?

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  1. Go, Maximum Overkill!!! :D By the way, that Flag is dynamic. The DAZ Dynamic Clothes plugin for Mac and Developers will be out very, very soon! :D

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