The Price of Superheroes

Anyone else notice there’s a Superhero Price War going on at RPGNow? It all started when ICONS hit the scene. That came in at a discounted price of just $14.95. Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition promptly dropped to a mere $9.99 (probably also spurred by the imminent release of Third Edition) and now we have Villains & Vigilantes released for just $7.50!

Seriously, there’s no better time to get into Superhero gaming. In fact the entire genre is littered with bargains. While the BASH Ultimate Edition is $15.00, the original is only $5 and perfect if you prefer a lite rules-system and ICONS doesn’t suit. Want another option? There’s Supers! for $6!

The Absolute Bargain Award has to go to the Free Edition of Squadron UK because… well, it’s free. This is exactly the same as the not free edition (which is just $9.99) only without the art and examples. For those of you that don’t recognise the name, Squadron UK is Golden Heroes, a classic superhero game from the days of yore. It features a great random generation system (don’t knock ’em till you’ve tried it!) and a ground-breaking Frame-based combat system. Add in rules covering what the superheroes do between scenarios (training, patrolling the city, developing their secret ID, etc) and you have a system that stands right up there among the greats of the genre.

That’s a terrific spread of superhero games from the simplest (ICONS, BASH or SUPERS!) to the most complex (Mutants & Masterminds). I really ought to sit down and review them all properly sometime. In the meantime, you’ve no excuse – go get ’em, and get your cape on!

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  1. I think that I’ll be getting the Mutants and Masterminds game soon. You keep talking about, so, yeah, you win.

    grumble grumble grumble


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