Vuvuzela Goblins!

"I’ll say one thing for them," Borys shouted over the incessant droning, "They’re useless at ambushes!"

Among the many different types of Goblin an adventurer is likely to encounter, few are attacked with more relish than the Vuvuzela Goblin. These horn-playing fanatics proudly announce their presence from a great distance, triggering discordant echoes throughout their cavern homes. These can easily drive their enemies into a half-crazed rage and send even the calmest Paladin into a blind charge.

The other Goblins quite like it, apparently.

vuvuzelagoblin(I know it’s not an actual Vuvuzela horn. Couldn’t find a model of one!)



Level 3 Encounter (XP 750)

Here’s a typical small vuvuzela warband. A DC 20 Nature check reveals that the best way to distract such a warband is to throw an inflated pig’s bladder into the middle of them.

  • 2 Vuvuzela Goblins
  • 3 Goblin Warriors
  • 8 Goblin Cutters


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