21 Comments on “And she walks the wearied halls”

  1. Hey. Well, another half-naked Vicky. I guess that’s better than Vicky Naked in a Temple with a Sword. ;)

    I wonder if she represents paladins at all, her armor doesn’t look polished.

          1. Stereotypically it all too often does, but you’re right – it shouldn’t.

            More practically though, polished armour is useless if you’re trying to remain in the shadows. I imagine that armour belonging to a Paladin of Lolth would be immaculate, but with a matt finish.

  2. I think the rendering is well-enough performed, but the overall effect for me is that she is a cheesecake offering at a lingerie football half-time show.

    Also, um, you may want to check the placement of swords and other weapons for unintended Freudian imagery. ;)

  3. I dunno. Render a barbarian guy (such as any of these) and there’s not a word of complaint. As soon as you render a woman – a strong, positive one in a non-submissive pose at that – and it’s “a cheesecake offering at a lingerie football half-time show” and using Freudian imagery.


    I’m biting my lip here. Really, really hard.

  4. The guy with the snake writhing between his legs is another example.

    If you think I have a problem with women in strong poses, you are desperately mistaken.

    I’m sorry you didn’t want an honest opinion on your displayed work.

  5. Not at all. I welcome your honest opinion, especially if it differs from mine :D It just mystifies me, that’s all.

    You see “a guy with a snake writhing between his legs”, I see someone riding a dinosaur. Different perceptions, I guess.

  6. Oh, it’s okay, Robin. I render Half-Naked Vickies all the time, you know that. I just have a hard time associating lawful good with an unpolished armor.

    Please note that I don’t think she’s a cheesecake offering at a Superbowl half-time lingerie show. Besides, you’ve read my blog enough to know that. :)

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