I got nuthin’ today. Back tomorrow!

I got nuthin’ today. Back tomorrow!

Talk among yourselves.

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    1. I think it’s great news. M&M is easily my favourite system, and it’s terrific to see it very much alive and well.

      From what I understand this is going to be more of a rule revision rather than a whole new system with some of the more complex Powers (Absorption, Boost, etc) simplified and clarified. That’s definitely a Good Thing. It is also going to be compatible (though I’m not sure how much) with the new DC Universe rpg too. That’s something I’m REALLY looking forward to!

      With the release of ICONS, a new edition of M&M and the DC Universe RPG this looks like it’s going to be one amazing year for superhero rpgs!

      1. Based on the podcast/interview I listened to last night, it will share a ruleset with the DC Adventures RPG, and will be partially compatible (probably with a conversion guide on the website) with 2nd ed. But yeah, I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’ve done.

        Also, ICONS sounds pretty cool, as a pick-up-and-play, one-night-stand kinda game. I’ll be taking a look when it gets released.

  1. I really want to check out ICONS. What comments I’ve seen, I think I’d really dig it. Of course, I can’t seem to settle on my fave system for supers play. We did several years of Gurps Supers back in the 90s (producing one of my favorite player characters ever), but even though I still have a soft spot for Gurps, I would never use it for Supes again. M&M 2e, Truth & Justice, and Risus are all much better suited.

    I still gotta say that I’m not a huge fan of random character generation. I think there is definitely a place for it and I understand its appeal. But unless a game is sprung on me with no advance notice, I typically start thinking of character concepts long before the game starts. Not being able to hit one of those concepts because of random dice rolls can be frustrating. I vastly prefer designing my characters. And when I run, I run things more as collaborative story-telling. Giving players complete control over character creation is one way to share in world building.

    That being said… I think I’d be ready to give it another try. I remember a fantastic Warhammer FRP campaign back in the 80’s where all my players rolled random characters. It was awesome.

  2. I can’t seem to find your old d20 modern articles? Is there something wrong with your archives?

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