The Saturday morning open comments thread

This should be a role-playing post but I’ve been too knee deep in multiple errant servers and whatnot to write. Instead, I’m going to open this post up to you, dear reader.Feel free to drop by, comment, drink my coffee and generally spread out and make yourselves feel at home.Chat about household uses for a d4, best non-combat use for a 4e Power, which dice explode the best in a microwave, and the ideal character sheet. Or anything else which takes your fancy.

The floor (or should that be battlemat)  is yours.

What’s on your mind?

13 Comments on “The Saturday morning open comments thread”

  1. Ho hum.

    I’ll probably be running a cyberpunk game tonight. No idea what the system or game I’ll run, I guess I’ll listen to what the players give ma as characters and wing it from there.

    What ‘yall doin’ today?

    /me sips coffee

    1. Works for me, especially if they match the colour of the dragon – a Gold Dragon covered in golden cyberbling, a juiced-up Silver Dragon and a motherboard-clad Copper Dragon. Yeah. I’d go for that :D

  2. Hand grenades for 4ed:

    Fragmentation – Range 10/20, Burst 4, Dex vs Reflex, 3d12 damage, high crit.

    Stun (a.k.a Flashbang) – Range 10/20, Burst 4, Dex vs Reflex, Hit: Stunned and Blinded (save ends both.)

    1. How about a Feat to go with it?

      Grenade Tossback
      If a grenade is thrown and lands within one square of you, you can throw it back as an Immediate Interrupt, but no more than once per round. Dex vs Reflex, effects as per the grenade.

  3. if you ever need a perl library to post to twitter, net::twitter is twenty tons of crap, net::twitter::lite installs and works much better. now, to see how many followers my little project attracts…

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