After all this techieness I think it’s time for a pretty piccie, don’t you?

Welcome to Shapespace where reality meets warpfield, that fleeting moment where colours and patterns merge, where objects unify and coalesce, becoming nothing more than shapes, yet more, much more. This is the realm between realms, the gateway to the stars. Cross through Shapespace as your warp drive kicks in, and say a silent prayer for those who never made it out…..

4 Comments on “Shapespace”

  1. Greywulf, this looks wonderful! It reminds me of certain T.V. Shows (Buck Rogers and Babylon 5 for 2). So, in a way, it’s nostalgic. What is the ship you’re using?

    1. I’ll check the name of it when I’m back in Windows again. I do know that it was an absolute pain to get the surfaces looking good. Great model, awful textures.

  2. @jdh417 And that’s exactly what it is – or at least, a re-imagining.

    It’s the Thunderhawk Starfighter from Renderosity. Like I said, great model but lousy textures in DAZ Studio.

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