Seven Champions: Doc Storm

Doc Storm’s adventuring careers began in World War II when he was one of the original Seven Soldiers. Young Anthony Lisbon was working as a field medic in war-torn Poland in the middle of a thunderstorm, trying to rescue  some members of his platoon who had been injured and stranded in the mud. He prayed aloud to any god who cared to listen to aid him, and none other than Sif, wife of Thor, who answered. She granted him the strength of ten men and a healing touch. In return he rescued his men and went on to have an illustrious all-action pulp hero superhero career as Doc Storm, Man of Power.

Doc Storm in his prime!

Time has not been kind to Doc Storm. He is now an old man who knows his adventuring career is behind him. He is wheelchair bound and acts as the central coordinator and information hub for the Seven Champions. He has personal knowledge stretching back over 60 years  and access to databases and a vast collection of contacts, allies and friends.

Notes: What do you get when you cross Captain America, Thor, The Oracle and Doc Mid-Nite? This guy. Doc Storm is a Super Soldier past his prime who now serves the Seven Champions as medic-in-chief and the friendly(-ish) face of the team. He’s skilled at neither Diplomacy nor Gather Information and tends to rely on using his high military rank and renown to open necessary doors (ie, burn a Hero Point when needed). Don’t be fooled by that fact he’s confined to a wheelchair – he can pack an impressive punch and if cornered will unleash the Curse of Sif – a 50’ radius burst of intense lightning! He only uses that as a last resort though as the damage it inflicts is incurable; once the Curse of Sif is given, it can never be taken away.

Dirty little secret: With the power to cure all ills and even regrow shattered limbs with a touch, why has Sif seen fit to condemn his legs to wither away? What has he done to earn her displeasure? Or is there another, more malevolent force, testing him?


Anthony Lisbon, Doc Storm
Cleric of a Forgotten Goddess (4), Wheelchair-Bound Super Soldier (3),  Field Medic (2), Well Connected (1)

Mutants & Masterminds:

Anthony Lisbon, Doc Storm, PL10 150pp
Str 18/30, Dex 12, Con 18/30, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 16
Tough +10, Fort +10, Ref +5, Will +8
Attack +10, Defense +10, Init +1

Enhanced Con 12, Enhanced Str 12, Super-Strength 4 (Heavy Load 12.8 tons), Immunity 2 (Electricity)
’Blessing of Sif’ Healing 6 (Persistent, Regrowth)
– AP: ‘Curse of Sif’ Lightning Blast 10 (DC 25 Area Burst 50’, Tiring, Range Touch, Incurable)

KS:Life Sciences +7, KS:Tactics +7, KS:Technology +7, Medicine +8, Notice +6, Prof:Medic +7, Search +7, Sense Motive +7

Benefit 3 (Military Rank), Connected, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Diehard, Endurance 2, Improved Pin, Improved Throw, Power Attack

Drawback: Wheelchair-bound, common, major.

And with that, the Seven Champions are complete.

Coming up next: The Cathedral, home of the Seven Champions!

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