I am a girly d12

I am a d12

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You are a d12: You are a diamond in the rough, a delicate flower among the thorns, a spork among the spoons. You are the legendary girly gamer! Now I’m not saying you’re a girl, and not all girls will fall into this category, but let’s be honest: You do. You bring a refreshing new perspective to the adventure party which others consider bewildering in the least. You tend to break with every tradition you encounter, insisting that castles can be more cozy and less cold, and demanding that the dungeons be less dreary. Things like this tend to drive the DM insane. But don’t misunderstand me! You are still a valuable member of the group, and can still kick ass when you need to. You just do so while wearing stylish high-heels.

Well, there you go. I’m a she-Wulf. Who knew?

10 Comments on “I am a girly d12”

  1. First off I’m amused that the last question of the “what polyhedral are you?” quiz is… “what polyhedral are you?”. Secondly… I’m a d100 looney…. *frump* And for once I wasn’t even trying to be off the wall…

  2. Is it wrong of me to want to run a dungeon encounter after this, that the dungeon actually looks immaculate, decorated, and the rooms have silk curtains instead of doors, with the skeletons, zombies, the necromancer, the kobolds, the hobgoblins and orcs all having tea and biscuits? Of course the PCs would be invided >.>

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