How to fit 17,000 monsters into a monster manual

Exquisite Corpses is, officially, genius. At the risk of invoking the Wrath of the Echo Chamber, it’s worth repeating, and repeating loud. Kudos goes to Planet Algol for steering me onto it. Put simply, Exquisite Corpse is a book of monsters you can cut up. Flip the heads, bodies and legs/lower torsos around to get all number of fun, funky and bats crazy combinations to throw at your heroes.

Yes, it’s just like one of those flip-board books for kids, only this one comes with stats. Did I mention it is genius?

Talking of stats, they’re in generic OSR/D&D format which should be easy enough to convert to whichever system or edition you choose. The AC is given in “lowest is best” format so just deduct the value from 20 to get the 3e or 4e equivalent.

If you’ve ever wanted a bull-headed one-legged centipede (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), this is the book for you.

Want to know the best bit? The print edition is just $10 from Lulu, and for a very limited time the PDF version is FREE – just go here and click the “Download for free” link under the Add to Cart button.

Oh yeah!

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  1. Though I think the idea will be more good in concept than in implementation (as personally I’d have to do some rather extensive legwork to make something such as your bull-headed one-legged centipede appealing), I think the concept itself is so funny and over the top that it deserves attention.

    Thank you for the heads up and thanks to the writer (who shall get a thank you note soon) for letting us get this little jewel for free.

    .-= Federico Figueredo´s last blog ..Gaming News – April 14-10 =-.

  2. (NOTE: This is more a message than a comment, I’m making it here because…

    a) I can’t see any contact information.
    b) I see that comments are moderated so I know you can delete it before it hits the print.)

    I would recommend wrapping and centering the contents of your website. Not just because it’s common practice nowadays, but because it’s common practice that works. You see, for people that have widescreen monitors (such as myself) the contents are pushed to the left and we find ourselfs with our necks turned to the side at all times to read the site.

    I’m sure you can manage, but not wanting to be accused of complaining without giving pointers, the effect can be achieved with this.

    #wrapper { width: [specify a width here];
    margin: [insert top margin] auto 0;

    If you need help shoot me an e-mail. I’ve had enough fun at the website to lend a hand at no added cost ;)

    .-= Federico Figueredo´s last blog ..Gaming News – April 14-10 =-.

  3. @Federico Thanks for the feedback. As ever, it’s much appreciated.

    Only a new visitor’s first comment is moderated. In your case two slipped through because I hadn’t approved the first before you posted the second :D Welcome to my blog.

    Good catch on the missing About page link. That accidentally dropped off the sidebar last time I juggled the Widgets. Now fixed.

    I’m likely to change this theme soon anyhow (a few things have started to annoy me about it) so I’ll watch out for a widescreen friendly theme.

    Thanks again!

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