Daz3d are giving children away

Don’t tell Madonna!

Over at DAZ3d, the long awaited Kids figure has been released, and it’s for free! It’s going to stay free forever (or at least 2019), and you can grab it right here. While you’re at it, get the Toddler morph too  – that’s the Weekly Freebie. If you snarf the Cherub Wings that are Renderosity’s Monthly Freebie too, you’re all set for rendering…. well, Cherubs, I guess.

The Base Kids4 Figure is excellent with better joint handling that Michael 4 and Victoria 4 (no underarm problems!) and both boy and girl face morphs and textures. There’s no included pre-built facial expressions but there’s more than enough raw morphs to create some wonderfully child-like expressions. I like.

Where the Kids4 figures stand out is that you can use it with the Figure Mixer in DAZ Studio. Add a Kids figure to a scene with another 4th Generation figure (Michael, Victoria, FREAK, Hiro, Aiko, etc) then go to Edit->Figure Mixer to blend the two. The end result is one figure that can morph between the two – meaning you can have any age range from Toddler (with the freebie above) up to fully grown, for any figure. Mind if I say woot? Woot!

Here’s a quick example – the figure on the left is a Figure Mixed Kids4/Michael 4 set to .25 Kid, .75 Michael to create a very passable teenager. Add one Michael 4 on the right as a proud father for height comparison, and we’re done.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to create an unholy Toddler/FREAK cross.

Remember folks: guns don’t kill people. Babies with guns kill people.

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