Stupid idea of the day: 140 characters or less

Let’s say there’s a place. It could be a planet, hotel, remote island, cruise ship or anything else which takes your fancy. There are exactly one hundred and forty occupants, including the PCs. These 140 characters are the only people around. What happens next?

Do you try to gain Followers and form groups? Do you attack and aim to be the Last Man (or woman, or alien) Standing? Why are there only 140 characters?

It’s Twitter meets Highlander meets Lost meets the Zombie Apocalypse.

See, I told you it was a stupid idea.


7 Comments on “Stupid idea of the day: 140 characters or less”

  1. Small village, isolated from the rest of the world. Evil wizard secretly controls population and makes experiments on them.

    Spaceship drifting in space, nowhere to replenish people (except in the “natural rate”).

    Evil mastermind, that calls himself “CXL” choses 140 people and puts them on a giant arena for survival.

    Not a truly stupid idea, there are many possible non-dumb campaigns. A stupid idea would be something like “What if 140 wizards ruled the world from the Goo Glen, using magical birds called Tweets to comunicate with their followers around the world”.
    Or “hey, let’s make WoD sheets for all characters in Twilight!”, for real stupidity.

  2. hmmm… i’m pretty sure that i’ve never had to describe more than 140 NPCs ever in any campaign, so its normal, minus all the peasants and stuff that the PCs never really pay mind to anyway. =)

  3. @drow Apart from our ongoing Superhero campaign (which has NPCs numbering in the many hundreds by now), I agree.

    But the idea of putting an absolute hard limit on the number of folk is an appealing one. An adventuring featuring 20 goblins (or 20 anything, for that matter) is suddenly a significant portion of the population. Food for thought, anyhow :D

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