Steal this link: Stuffer Shack

Short and sweet because I’m eating ham sandwiches, drinking coffee, making silly images of Yet More Barbarians ™, thinking up daft scenarios for RISUS Superheroes and there’s only so much multi-tasking a guy can do on a Tuesday night. Stuffer Shack is a place where you want to go, frequently. It’s a new blog run by the enthusiastic Tourq which I’m hoping will grow and develop into being one of Those Go To Places on the internet.

It’s early days, but already it is shaping up nicely into being a rather neat place containing Monsters, Encounters and Adventure ideas for you to steal – and I mean that in the best meaning of the word. I encourage you to head over there and loot, pillage and plunder all you want. Just leave a few comments, tell ‘im Greywulf sent you, and maybe – just maybe – offer up something which Tourq can put up for others to steal too.

Think of it as meritocratic piracy, done right. Stuffer Shack. Remember the name.


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