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  1. Why is he falling? Why doesn’t he have hair on his arms and legs? Who buys his loin-cloths for him? Is he gonna break a leg when he hits the bottom; he seem badly out of balance? If he’s a barbarian, why does he have such a spiffy haircut?

  2. @Ken Good questions, all :D

    I like to think that he’s a tourist who wondered away from the bus and was lost in the jungle during a rest stop. Several weeks later, he’s reverted to Tarzan-like savagery and is in an endless quest for decent sun screen.

  3. @Tourq That’s “Saint”, not “Street”. Ken St Andre is the Patron Saint of Trolls (the green and regenerating kind, not the internet kind), dontchya know?

  4. Sometimes Ken is a patron saint for internet trolls also, especially when he makes snarky comments like the one above. It is, however, done in a spirit of envious humor since he wishes he could make art the way Greywulf does, and he admires the man for what he does, which, admireation aside, doesn’t mean he won’t sneak in a jab once in while.

  5. Greywulf, you’re making all these (mostly) fantasy-oriented renders on an almost daily basis, and I don’t think you’re selling most of them. What would it take to get you to make pix for me on a steady basis? I’d suggest an idea, you’d make it. For example, http://delvers.wordpress.com will be starting a new series tomorrow called “The Adventures of Dandelion the Ogre in the Moonstone Caves.” I could really use a series of illos for Dandelion–she’s an ogress who wears a lion-skin and carries a big club–a simple thing to render, right? But she will be exploring all these caves, tunnels, strange chambers–plenty of opportunity to render strange things. The illos could also be collected and run as portfolios of your work in upcoming issues of TrollsZine. Is there a lot of money in it? No. I don’t have a lot of money. But you’d gain some new fans–I’d gain some amazing art, the internet would gain treasures. Think about it.

  6. @Elton This one is using the Displacement maps, but on a low setting. I find you have to use them with care otherwise they poke-through clothing badly, and that’s a real pain to fix.

    @Ken Snark away, my friend. I’m as thick skinned as one of your trolls, and can take it :D

    An Ogress wearing a lion skin and wielding a club, eh? Let me see what I can come up with. If you like it (or make suggestions so we get do a point where you DO like it), I’ll be happy to assist. In return if a copy of Tunnels & Trolls finds it’s way to me to replace my old and battered copy, I won’t complain……..

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