Seven Champions: The Red Knight

As heir to the Boanerges family fortune, James had it all – the mansions, the cars, the wealth and the playboy lifestyle to match. His life came crashing down when the Syndicate moved in. For reasons he still does not understand they dismantled his business interests through extortion, aggressive take-overs and direct attacks until all that remained was a small R&D tech firm on a remote hillside. It was there that James finally decided to take a stand. With the help of the researchers he created a full set of red power armour and an indestructible (and Artificially Intelligent) blade.  What he needs now is experience and the help of some more heroes willing to help him. This is going to take time……

Dirty little secret: Why are the Syndicate so determined to destroy the Boanerges family name? Is there a link to the superhero Oriflamme? And does his artificially intelligent sword know more than it is letting on?

Notes: My Iron Man is better than your Iron Man because my Iron Man’s got a sword. So there.

For M&M, I’ve added the sword here as a Sidekick rather than a Device to make it completely autonomous – just build it with INT 30, no STR, DEX or CON and a Strike Power, Usable by Others, and you’re there. Clever, eh?


James Boanerges, The Red Knight
Wealthy Playboy in Power Armour (4), Wielder of an intelligent supersword (3), Inexperienced Hothead (2), Keen Tennis Player (1)

Mutants & Masterminds:

James Boanerges, The Red Knight, PL10 150pp
Str 10/30, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 14
Tough +1/+12, Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +6
Attack +8, Defense +8, Init +2

Computers +6, Craft:Electronics +6, Craft:Mechanical +6, KS:Technology +6, Notice +7, Sense Motive +3
Accurate Attack, Power Attack, Minions 3 (2x 15PP Scientists), Sidekick 10 (50PP Artificially Intelligent Sword)

Battlesuit (Device 18)
Communication 4 (Radio, 1 mile)
Flight 6 (500mph)
Blast 10 (100’, DC 25)
– AP: Enhanced Strength 20
Immunity 9 (Life support)
Protection 11 (Impervious)
Super-Senses 14 (Extended Blindsight, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Infrared vision, Ultra-Hearing, Time Sense)
Super-Strength 4

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  1. Hey man, I like a lot of your characters and pictures. May I take a few of them to post on as “backgrounds, enemies, and NPCs to steal”? I would cite you as the author and link them to your site.

    I would have to change a small bit of text to avoid “duplicate content” issues.


    .-= Tourq´s last blog ..Clawspawn, a Demon – Steal this Monster =-.

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