Seven Champions: Serpentine

Patrick Ultan was born on the rough streets of Ulster, and felt he had little choice but to turn to petty crime simply to survive. His mistake was breaking into the home of an elderly warlock who caught then turned him into a snake with a single word. He remained in that form for several years while the warlock taunted, then talked, and finally befriended him. Convinced that Patrick had only done what he must to survive and there was no malice intended, the warlock released Patrick and took him under his wing as a protégé. Patrick quickly mastered the illusory arts and some degree of telepathy but his real talent is his ability to shape-shift into various snake forms – from a tiny grass snake to a huge snake/human hybrid behemoth. Or perhaps, just perhaps, it’s all illusion……..

Dirty little secret: Patrick is a nasty little street thief who got caught. Now he’s a nasty little street thief who wields a surprising amount of power but has to maintain the facade that he is one of the good guys. The question is: when the crunch comes, will the facade hold, or will the illusion crumble around him and reveal his true nature? Has the illusion finally mastered the illusionist?

Notes: Love this character! The world needs more streetwise gothpunk superheroes who can turn into giant snakes. He’s like a cross between Zatanna & Martian Manhunter but with a snake fetish and a personality styled after The Invisible Man from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. While his illusions tend to be snake-themed he’s not limited in any way – that truck hurtling toward you could be all too real. Or not.

His Shape Change ability gives him 40 points worth of powers and abilities with a limit of Power Rank 8. That’s more than enough for his favourite hybrid form, a Huge half-human snake-tailed behemoth (Growth 8, Super-Strength 2, Protection 8 – a mere 36 points). His powers aren’t part of an array (no Alternate Powers here!) meaning he can become a giant hybrid snakebeast and still cast illusions over a 100’ radius. Yowzah.  Sometimes, I pity the bad guys.

His hobbies include listening to British ‘80s punk bands and throwing snakes at people for a laugh


Patrick Ultan, Serpentine
Master Illusionist and Mind-Reader (4), Snake-themed shape changer (4), Streetwise petty crook (2)

Mutants & Masterminds:

Patrick Ultan, Serpentine, PL10 150pp
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 12
Tough +1, Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +7
Attack +6, Defense +10, Init +7

Bluff +9, Climb +4, KS:Streetwise +6, Notice +8, Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +12
Improved Initiative 1, Power Attack, Taunt, Uncanny Dodge (Tremorsense)

Illusions 10 (DC20, Visual & Audio, Phantasms, Area 4: 100’ radius)

Shapeshift 8 (40 points, Limited: Snake & Snake Hybrids only)

Super-Senses 3 (Tremorsense)

Telepathy 2 (100’, Communication & Mind Reading, Flaw: Full Action)

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