Character du Jour: Jeroboam Soames

“Where is my son?!” the elderly man struck with a force way beyond what seemed possible for such a frail form, and the creature backed from the rune-encrusted blade, its watery eyes revealing a mixture of fear and greed passing across its simple mind.

“I will not ask again. Tell me what your master knows about my son’s whereabouts or I shall end your sorry life this instant.” Jeroboam lifted the blade a touch, holding it steady in his gnarled hands. The sorry halfbreed looked from blade to his aged face, then drooled, “My master heard he was taken to Prague, into the catacombs. You will never find your way through those!”

“I shall see about that, Igor. Now go!”

Jeboroam Soames is a man obsessed. Once he has obsessed with his books and studies as Professor of Antiquities at Oxford, and had scant time for his wife and son. Now he is retired, wife is dead and his son disappeared, feared the kidnap victim of a ritual cult. The police are disinterested in the case (one more college son going gadabout is hardly worth their time) so he has taken it upon himself to do this one thing – find his precious son before it is too late. Packing what research material he needs to follow a cult’s trail and an ancient Sumerian blade, Jeboroam is prepared to trek to the ends of the earth for his son. And perhaps beyond.

Dirty little secret: Jeroboam believes his son is the innocent victim of an occult kidnapping. The possibility that Nathan Soames might actually be willingly mixed up in the forces of darkness and their twisted schemes is unthinkable. Isn’t it?

Notes: When rules systems collide! Here’s Jeroboam stated out for both RISUS and Savage Worlds. I’m starting to develop the habit of including RISUS stats for all my characters; jotting down their character clichés in order of priority is a great way to add character onto a character sheet (Shock! Character Generation that actually generates character!), and opens up a whole new way of playing at the table. More on that, another time.

Jeroboam Soames
Irascible ex-professor of antiquities (4), Cynical occult investigator (3), Aged widower dedicated to finding his son (2), octogenarian ex-fencing champion (1)

Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Pace 6, Parry 5, Tough 5,  Cha 0

Fighting d4, Investigation d6, KS:History d8+2, KS:Occult d10+2, Notice d8, Stealth d4
Rich, Scholar, Hard of Hearing (Minor), Vow: Find his Son

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