Microlite20, sold!

I am happy to announce that Microlite20 has a new owner. I received a whole load of enquiries regarding the rights to M20, and want to thank each and every person who took the time, thought and care to make an offer. If I could cut Microlite20 into tiny word-sized pieces so you could each own a part of it, I would.

Of course technically I could have done just that, putting Microlite20 into the public domain or granting shared ownership to the collective fanbase. I could, but feel that Microlite20 is a project which needs a leader. It needs a benevolent dictator who can control the core of the system and act as the centre for all the many directions which Microlite20 can take (indeed, has already taken). Any number of people who made offers could have taken on the role, and this made choosing one out of the many a particularly difficult decision. It’s certainly not one which I took lightly.

So with immediate effect, Microlite20’s new owner is Seth Drebitko. Through our back-and-forth emails, he impressed me by asking the right questions about the game and the microlite20.net site, and with the direction he wants to take the game. It’s a fine balancing act to be able to keep something the same yet also improve upon it, and feel that Seth is able to do what’s needed to make Microlite20 (the site, and the core) the best it can possibly be.

I trust you will wish him well and hope you look forward to the future. Now I can take a back seat and let someone handle the driving in my stead, I’m looking forward to it very much indeed.

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