Character du Jour: Cudgel the Goblin

(No, this isn’t an instruction)

Grey Goblins are known for three things: their granite toughness, their isolation, and their utterly ungoblinlike nature. For the one known as Cudgel, only two out of those three are true. Where Grey Goblins are as tough as their stone-coloured flesh suggests, Cudgel is tough. Where they are solid, dependable and honourable, Cudgel is also.

But where most Grey Goblins are content to stay hidden and isolated from the rest of the world, Cudgel want to explore. Unlike the rest of his peers he wanted to know what was beyond the grey stone of his homeland, to visit other races and learn new things. To Cudgel, each day is a fresh gift to be savoured, and every challenge brings it’s own rewards. Perhaps he has some Halfling blood in him (the Halfling pot-roast must have been undercooked) but whatever the reason, Cudgel isn’t like any Goblin you would normally meet on the open road. This one would be smiling, maybe even singing. And he would love to be your friend.

Dirty Little Secret: Nope. None. This is a nice goblin. A really, really nice goblin. Of course, the hard part is getting people to believe it’s true.

Notes: I like my happy little Goblin.

Download his Character Sheet.

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