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Nicholas Cloister dropped a line asking if I’d mind giving his blog a shout-out to give it a little more exposure on the intertubes. Nowadays I’m usually too much of a curmudgeonly old fart to do such things, but when the blog in question is THIS DAMNED GOOD how could I possibly say no?

Seriously. He’s this good.

His RPG Creatures are imaginative, evocative and his artwork is nothing less than stunning. There’s something about them which reminds me of the classic Skyrealms of Jorune (from me, that’s high praise indeed) and the stats are human-readable system neutral so they should be easy enough to drop into your game engine of choice. The Ra’Khuni is already a favourite of mine – I plan to stat him in 4e for a future desert-themed adventure I’ve got planned. If you have any comments or suggestions I’m sure Nicholas would be happy to hear from you.

File this guy under “one to watch”. He’s got one heck of a future ahead of him.

4 Comments on “Want creatures? Go here”

  1. These creatures are so so excellent, they open my mind to some dangerous looking adventures.
    I would love to have a book with this much detail on my shelf

  2. Heck…You could use this guy for an owlbear. I mean, look at it…I’ve never been scared of an owlbear, but this? Wow.

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