Hezruul’s Winged Goblins

As far as Wizards go, Hezruul the Magnificent was nothing but a fraud. In his lifetime he claimed credit for many fantastic creatures including the Owlbear, Chimera and Manticore, all of which pre-dated him by untold centuries. There is no doubt however that he is to blame for one of the more recent critters to plague the region: the Winged Goblin.

It’s bad enough that these things exist at all. The fact that they breed true with ordinary goblins just makes matters worse. Were it not for the fact that most goblin tribes will attack them on sight, this new breed of winged goblin would rapidly overtake their land-born cousins. Even so, their numbers are on the increase and starting to settle in areas otherwise free of goblin infestation. More than one city has a small colony of winged goblins living among their rooftops. At least they serve to keep the streets clear of cutpurses come nightfall.

“Anyone can pull the wings off flies. But grafting the wings onto a spider and getting it to fly afterwards: that takes real talent.” — Hezruul the Magnificent

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  1. @satyre Oh yes. Add Flight speed and the Flyby attack to a Goblin Hexer and you’ve got your Blessed Goblin Hexer all stated up and ready to play.

    “Dive my hawkspears! DIVE!!!”

    Love it!

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