Some Tribes chose a different path

Where most Goblin tribes formed a dangerous alliance with the dreaded Worgs, a few distrusted the fearsome carnivores and instead began an intense breeding program on more docile stock. There results were surprisingly successful, if a little ticklish. The new mounts required determined riders as they were prone to panic, but on the bright side the eggs were delicious.

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  1. @Jay Thanks!

    @deadorcs Good catch :D Corrected, with “mount” keyword added. Thanks for that.

    @Elton Giant chickens make much more sense to tiny goblin brains. Besides, everyone knows that ostriches are riden by orcs. And no, chickens don’t breath fire. Unless they’re dragon/chicken hybrids, of course.

  2. Awesome idea. Back in my WarhammerFB 2e days, I mounted goblins on axebeak equivalents (no army lists but the bestiary did have cassowaries among the possible mounts)
    Now I have to check the toys aisle for chickens…

  3. Mentioning the vicious Chicken of Bristol is going to date me horribly isn’t it? Oh dear. :)

    And giving them Frenzied Trample is inspired.

  4. I played in an Earthdawn campaign once where my character was convinced one of the creatures we were tracking was a giant fire-breathing chicken, based entirely on something that my GM misspoke. It turned out to be a half-man, half-snake Horror that murdered several members of our party :(

    Giant chickens are the Tuna-of-the-Land. B’GOCK!

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