Fairy du Jour: Riverthorn

Riverthorn wasn’t like others of her kind. Where other fairies hid among the tangled roots and brambles of the forest deep, she preferred the open spaces of the fields and hills. Where they danced in the early morning sunlight, she danced ‘neath the glowing moon. Where the rest of the fairies gathered flowers bathed in dew, she counted stars and found names for every one of them. That was to be her downfall.

Her feykin were unconcerned, for precious little does concern these tiny folk. Worry is as alien to their nature as flight is to a dwarf. Only her long-time friend and lover Thistledawn showed any care at all about her actions, she brushed him aside as casually as a speck of dust on a rose petal. He didn’t understand what she saw in the stars, and he would never hear what she heard.

When Riverthorn looked up into the night sky, she saw fairies. Thousands, millions of them glowing and playing and singing to her, begging her to join them in their infinite dance through the cosmos. Each point of light was carried on tiny gossamer wings, and every one whispering to her in the chill moonlit air. They begged her to send them gifts in return for sharing their secrets, and each trade grew larger than the last – a petal, a root, a mouse, a child.

Riverthorn didn’t hesitate.

And that, ultimately, was her true downfall.

Dirty little secret: The stars aren’t fairies. But they are callous, malicious and possess more than enough infinite cold cunning to trick a foolish fairy into doing their bidding. Riverthorn sometimes sees the tentacles writhing at the edge of her dreams, and tries to pass them off as blades of grass blowing silently in the wind of the void. One day, she hopes, the star fairies will let her run through the grass too.

Notes: Enid Blyton meets HP Lovecraft. I think I’m in love.

Riverthorn, Chaotic Evil Female Fairy Star Pact Warlock-3

Str 10, Con 14, Dex 14, Int 13, Wis 11, Cha 18
HP 36, Bloodied 18, Surges 9×8/day, Speed 2 Fly 5
AC 16 (Sylvan Leather +1), Fort 14, Ref 15, Will 17, Init +3

Aerie Twinkle/w, Warlock’s Curse/w, Dire Radiance/w, Eldritch Blast/w , Frigid Darkness/e, Shadow Veil/e, Witchfire/e, Dread Star/d

Athletics +3, Acrobatics +5, Arcana +7, Bluff +10, History +7, Insight +6, Stealth +11
Size:Tiny, Buzzing Flight, Fey Origin, Aerie Weapons, Ritual Caster, Skill Training (Stealth), Prime Shot, Shadow Walk

Bloodcurse Rod +1, Amulet of Mental Resolve +1

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