It’s not easy being green

Here’s a thought for the day.

Pity the poor Goblin. If the adventurers don’t get them, the other dungeon residents will. A goblin’s life is a difficult one indeed. It’s no surprise that their racial ability in Fourth Edition is a natural inclination to jump out of the way; if the first blow misses the next one is bound to hit, so the best idea is not to be there when it does.

I reckon Goblins learn that natural jumpiness at an early age. Gobbers aren’t well known for the their child-rearing skills, and the Goblin word for “bully” also happens to be the same as the Goblin word for “everyone else”.

Run, little Goblin, run!

So, next time your merry band of adventurers squishes another small clan of Goblins, spare them a thought. You’re saving them from a hard, difficult and dangerous life.

‘Tis a noble thing to be a hero, indeed.

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