DAZ3d Freebie of the Year!

January isn’t even over yet, but I’m declaring a Freebie of the Year already. What gives?

Well, I’ll tell you. For a while the good people at DAZ3D have had their latest generation figures (Victoria 4.2 and Michael 4) available for free. That makes perfect sense as it promotes their latest models, morphs & clothing and is a great way to get started using the best and newest new figures on the market. Anything else, you had to pay for – well, except for the regular weekly freebies, the freebie archive, other free stuff from DAZ, Renderosity, Sharecg and a ton of other great sites. But apart from that, everything else you have to pay for.

That can get pretty expensive, quick, especially if you want to use an older figure. There’s a whole load of great content out there for Victoria 3, FREAK, David and Michael 3, for example, but if you need to buy the figure just so you can use the clothing, that’s an additional cost. There’s also the children Third Generation figures which haven’t yet been updated into the Fourth Generation line (soon, we’re assured).

There’s also figures which are a veritable slice of history just as The Girl, Stephanie or the original Aiko. Again, if you want to work with the figures which got this whole CGI industry started then it’s more cost.

Back with the Fourth Edition figures and we have Aiko 4, Girl 4 and FREAK 4. These are all unique and very different to Vicky and Michael, but they’re based on the same two models – effectively they’re morphs rather than full figures in their own right. If you want those, it’s yet more cost.

Oh yes, this hobby sure can get very expensive real fast.

Not any more.

DAZ3D in their infinite wisdom have released EVERY SINGLE ONE of their base models, for free. Every. Single. One. Not just the latest figures, but all the lot right back to the dawn of time. There’s Victoria 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Reduced Resolution models (great for crowd scenes!), iconic Girl & FREAK and even the latest Fourth Generation version of FREAK, Aiko and The Girl. That’s easily over a thousand dollars worth of models, all for nowt.

Some of these figures I’ve been hanging my nose over for ages, and just are not available from anywhere else. With all these figures to work with, I’m going to be a Very Happy Bunny for a long time to come. Expect renders, Real Soon!


That’s an overwhelmingly good freebie, don’t you think :D

What are you waiting for? Go get ’em!

UPDATE: Now with added She Freak for V4, for free!!

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  1. Just a quick note – for some strange reason the servers over at DAZ3D are having a bit of a meltdown right now. Can’t think why.

    So go get the figures – but not right away :D

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