Dark Trek

You know what I’d love to see? A full-on horror version of Star Trek where the crew of the Enterprise visit strange new planets. Then get savagely eaten.

The series could end with with Wesley Crusher and Deanna Troi as the sole remaining crewmembers who have to eat each other’s legs to survive.

Yeah. I’d watch that.

6 Comments on “Dark Trek”

  1. I could see it now: “He’s dead, Jim. Wait a minute, she’s dead too, Jim. Great scott, you’re dead, Jim! Aaagh, I’m dead, Jim!”

  2. Wesley: “Well counsellor Troi, it’s just you and me left and we’re trapped on this planet and there’s no food left. Might I suggest an alternative food source that is rich in protein…”

    Troi: “No.”

  3. I’ve always thought that the transporter was pretty horrifying. Introduce a hypernatural order to the universe and now the transporter creates soulless doppelgängers at the destination while Yog-Sothoth sucks your ghost out of the machine for torments eternal.

  4. @by_the_sword Lol! :D

    @vincent Good to know we’re thinking along the same lines. I’m all for injecting a little Lovecraftian horror into my sci-fi. I reckon Dark Trek would rock!

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