Update yer bookmarks me hearties!

Greywulf’s Lair has moved! In preparation for the sale of Microlite20 (more on that, another time – and I’m still accepting offers, folks) I have spent some time this Sunday migrating the ‘Lair back to http://greywulf.uk.to.

Thanks so some clever under-the-hood trickery all existing links should automatically redirect from the old site to the new, but you will need to update your RSS feeds to the new location to continue picking up the feeds. I think. Or maybe they’ll auto-redirect too. I dunno. Best to update your RSS anyhow, just to be sure.

There’s still a few things to fix – mainly putting in my lovely list o’links back in as they didn’t make the migration for some reason – but all appear to be up and running just fine. Unless you know otherwise – if you see any problems, please shout out.

If anyone is interested, I’ll write a post all about how to migrate a WordPress blog across domains and servers while still retaining link integrity. It’s pretty cool if you like that kind of thing.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a hammer and some more nails.

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