Start the year with a Character Generation challenge!

How about a quick challenge to get your gaming brain back in gear after all those mince pies and alcohol. Here’s a piccie – all you have to do is say how you would generate him. Give me system (this is open to anything – 4e, 3e, Encounter Critical, Labyrinth Lord, T&T, Rolemaster, HERO, GURPS, HARP, M&M, M20, or anything else you can think of), class, race (I’m guessing human, but that’s entirely up to you) and level as applicable. Bonus points will be awarded for giving him a name, stats and providing a fully fledged character sheet.

Winner gets the first no-prize of 2010! Can’t say fairer than that now, can I?

Have at it!

6 Comments on “Start the year with a Character Generation challenge!”

  1. Lets see:

    Big guy, out of the 14th Century. Carries a mace, but most likely that sword made of titanium.

    Freak 4, Niquelir suit, Lord of Battles sword, hmm hmm . . . Nasty expression . . .

    Greywulf, I’m statting him up to be a 14th Century Hercules.
    .-= Elton´s last blog ..DAZ Studio Mats complete for Speedos =-.

  2. I’ll actually generate one… with Risus!

    Durm Grontar the Strong

    Description: A guy who has plenty of muscles, carries a bludgeon to smash his enemies heads, and can pose and make heroic speeches

    Clichés: Muscleman (5), Head-Smasher (3), Heroic Speechmaker(2)

  3. hmmmm….

    for some reason this screams ‘Deadlands: Hell on Earth’ to me, so let’s say:

    Jak’s early life was like most others’ – farming, scrounging, trying to stay clear of crazed junkers – until a rummage through a school led to a nasty bout of rad poisoning which he survived (to everyone’s surprise) though he was left terribly weak. No one is entirely sure what prompted a passing Librarian to give him a copy of an ancient pamphlet on body-building, but it gave him a new focus and by following the simple instructions he did indeed go from a 98lb weakling to the strongest man around.

    Jak now devotes his life to finding and preserving books in the hopes that one among them will help humanity as it did him.

    (The mace is because it’s less likely to cause damage to the books he’s looking for in whatever form they are than a firearm is :) )

    Jakimo Locke

    Cognition: 2d10
    Knowledge: 4d8
    Mien: 43d6
    Smarts: 4d10
    Vigor: 3d6
    Spirit: 2d12
    Deftness: 3d6
    Nimbleness: 1d12
    Strength: 4d12
    Quickness: 3d10

    Ailin’ (lingering rad poisoning)
    Curious (pokin’ around old, possibly-infested buildings? you’ve got to be curious in both senses)
    Obligation: Librarians (with power comes responsibility)
    Yearnin’ (to find that book….)

    Brawny (he still does his exercises)
    Librarian (with the palm-corder to prove it)
    Rad-Tolerant (convenient, eh?)
    ‘The Stare’ (helps get the books out of the outhouse….)

    (leaving the skills & etc…. out as this is getting fairly huge already :) )

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