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Please excuse the ego-centric nature of this post (and feel free to click right on by) but I do know that some of you at least will be interested to see what the most-viewed pages are on this little corner of the intertubes I call home. In the interests of full disclosure here’s a list of the most-viewed pages on this site, along with number of views over 2009 to today.

I’m not surprised that the top two pages were my review of the (frankly, brilliant) Javascript 4e Character Generator and the post about how to speed up 4e D&D combat. Between them they accout for over 11,000 pageviews, and I thank you all. They’ve both been googled to heck and back and show there’s a clear interest in the latest (and second-greatest) version of D&D ever made.

Since I wrote the post about how to speed up 4e combat my own opinion has shifted a gear or two – I now think that 4e encounters aren’t slower, just different with one, two or three Encounters being more than enough for a single session. Wrap in lots of sugary role-playing goodness and add salt to taste. Some of the bestest sessions I’ve run just had a single Encounter act as the climax to an intense immersive game.

What’s more surprising is that my silly playtest post about running Scooby Doo in Savage Worlds came in a close third. There’s a reason for that – the picture of Linda bloody Cardellini :D She was one of the most googled terms to hit my blog over 2009. Lesson learned there – if you want hits, namedrop hot women. If you want good hits, don’t.

There’s a slew of other 4e posts in there too with the post about Cardolan being one I’m very happy to see on the list. Injecting Fourth Edition D&D into Middle Earth feels so wrong, but yet it worked so well. I look forward to re-visiting our Cardolan Campaign Setting in the New Year. I’ve got some half-formed ideas about running a political Game of Thrones-style game in 4e that would be well-suited to a nation of distrusting city states. Oh yeah!

What I’m most proud of is that my DAZ Studio tutorial posts get a decent showing in the top ten – and all through the rest of the list, for that matter. I try to balance this blog between role-playing and 3d stuff and it’s heartening to see I’m not just doing it for my own entertainment :D Unless anyone says otherwise expect to see more of the same next year with a heady mix of RPG-related posts, renders and 3d-related tutorials. I’m going to try and alternate between posting render pics and “real” post so the front page doesn’t just become a sea of images. If that does happen, somebody hit me, ok?

So anyhow. Here’s to 2009, and I thank you all. After Christmas is done I’ll be rounding out the year with Greywulf’s Games of the Year 2009. See you there!

4th Edition Character Generator 5,981
Speeding up 4e D&D Combat 5,492
Savage Doo: Scooby Doo for Savage Worlds! 4,662
Top Ten Monsters 3,959
The best DAZ Studio goodies for free or cheap! 2,265
Cardolan: A Middle Earth campaign setting for 4e D&D 2,157
First steps with DAZ Studio: Part Eighteen 1,924
First steps with DAZ Studio: Part One 1,892
4e Monster Manual Encounter Table 1,394
Why 4e D&D is old school 1,390

2 Comments on “Greywulf's Top Posts of the Year”

  1. I actually found your blog when I was searching for ways to speed up D&D 4e combat. Posts like that definitely bring in some D&D players in. Your other posts, like about being a Lazy DM, really kept me in.

    I’ll definitely hold you to your goal of alternating between renders and “real” posts. While the renders are quite nice (and I’ve used one or two for character portraits), I personally am here for the role-playing articles and would definitely appreciate more of those. So I’ll be sure to hit you if you don’t provide a balance :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. i’m honestly shocked that your may 15th post on adding cybernetic nubile hedonists to a 4e/coc crossover campaign didn’t rate higher.

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