Character du Jour: The Suit

Ultramegaman was dead. Doc Nekron’s Death Beam had torn him apart into a billion billion atoms leaving no trace of Earth’s Greatest Hero. All that remained was his indestructible Ultramegasuit, lost floating on the wintry winds. The entire planet mourned.

Some time later, a new red streak was seen flashing across the sky – a woman! She danced like an angel in the air before disappearing with a loud “Whoop!” of joy. A few days passed and speculation soared as another hero appeared – an old, bearded man battling bank robbers on Fourth and Main. The security cameras clearly showed that he wore the same costume as Ultramegaman – and also that he held a dusty wine bottle through the entire fight, taking the occasional swing as he slugged the mooks.

As the months wore on, more sightings appeared – a japanese businessman, a young girl and even a dog with an Ultramegasuit tied around his neck. Was this part of an emerging Ultramegafamily of superheroes? Clones? Or something more sinister?

The world watches, and wonders.

When Ultramegaman was slain, his powers became enmeshed into the fabric of his indestructible suit such that anyone who wears it gains the powers of Ultramegaman himself. It was first discovered by Amy Jones where it hung from her washing line after falling back to Earth. Flying was her first real experience of freedom from a hard life of abusive parents, tough lovers and rougher husbands. Her one act of heroism was to finally kick out her no-good loser of a husband once and for all. After much thought, she tossed the suit in the garbage, content enough with (at last) a normal life without taking on the mantle of superhero. From there it was found by a street bum who welcomed the warmth of an indestructible suit. He was begging for change outside the bank when a crook pushed him aside. Big mistake.

From there it has passed from person to person – from a communal shower to a businessman’s holdall. From there to a snatcher’s young sister, to being tied around the neck of a stray dog, and on it goes. Each wearer of the suit has their own stories to tell, their own reason for wearing it, and their own reason for giving it up.

Dirty Little Secret: Is the suit sentient? Is it trying to find the way to it’s true destination? Or is it guided by nothing more than blind chance, the powers it conveys making heroes from the raw material found inside all of us? Do clothes maketh man? And do superclothes maketh superman?

Notes: Superman meets The Tuxedo. I like.

The Suit is a Device that can be added to any character. It is basically The Paragon archetype from the Mutants & Masterminds Core Rules distilled into device form. Good luck if it gets into the wrong hands.

The Suit, 68pp
Device 17
– Enhanced Constitution 20
– Enhanced Strength 20
– Flight 5 (250mph)
– Immunity 9 (Life Support)
– Impervious Toughness 12
– Quickness 2 (5x speed)
– Super-Strength 6

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