Splug versus Meepo: The Results!

Last night I posted up an innocent question on Twitter: Splug versus Meepo. Who would win?

This is, after all, the battle we all want to see. Forget wars between gods. Forget good versus evil or angels against demons. The one we want to see is the battle between the iconic posterboys of Third and Fourth Edition D&D. Would Meepo’s plucky bravery win out against Splug’s tricks? Can a Kobold pwn a Goblin? Can the dragon-keeper of The Sunless Citadel beat The Keep on Shadowfell‘s resident practical joker?

There was only one way to find out. Vote!

And vote, you did. Even @Wizard_DnD joined in, though wisely stayed neutral. It’s dangerous to offend either Kobolds or Goblins, after all.

In the end, votes were tallied and blood was spilled. The noise of battle cleared and the winner was……….


It was a close-fought thing to the end, though the Kobold was the last one standing. After the fight, perhaps they’d get together, unite and (in the words of @deadorcs):

I think they’d form an unholy alliance, building a society unmatched for the ages.

A Kobold/Goblin alliance? Run!

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