DAZ Studio 3 Showcase: Figure Mixer and Morph Follower


See the image above? It’s not a great render by any stretch of the imagination, but it does show two of the new features which came on board with the release of DAZ Studio 3. I’ve come very late to the DS3 party but thanks to my shiny new netbook I’m here, and eager to highlight the new and funky stuff that the latest version of DAZ Studio brings to the table. This is the start of a short set of posts which shows you some of the features of DAZ Studio 3 which you might not be aware of, or not yet tried. Hope you like ’em!

But first, back to those two heroes. They’re clearly brother and sister, and that’s due to the magic of Figure Mixer. Let’s call them She-Ro and He-Ro. The brother is a straight render of Freak 4 clad in the ever-essential M4 Bodysuit. All of the magic is in his sis. She is a straight Victoria 4, but I’ve used Figure Mixer to blend her with Freak 4 to create a completely unique figure.

To use Figure Mixer, put two figures into a scene (a Base and A.N. Other). They have to come from the same Generation of figures (Victoria 3, Aiko, David, Stephanie, Freak 3, Hiro 3 and Michael 3, or V4 and M4, etc) but they can contain any morphs, custom injections or whatever. Select the Base figure then click Edit->Figure Mixer and choose the second figure from the dialog box. Sit back and let DAZ Studio do it’s stuff.

What you’ll end up with is the Base figure altered so it’s a blend of the two (you can delete the second figure if you wish). With the Base figure selected if you head into the Parameters tab and find a new pair of sliders (by default set to 50/50) which let you set the balance between the two morphs. For She-Ro above I’ve set it to 25% Freak, 75% Vicky.

Where Figure Mixer comes into it’s own is if you want to apply a custom morph to a character it’s not designed for. For example, if you want to use the excellent M4 War Orc morph on Victoria 4, just add it to M4 then use Figure Mixer to blend it into a Vicky Base. Or how about a female Tauran, male Alice morph or even a blend of the two. I’m stoked at the potential for Figure Mixing!

But it’s not without some problems. Your resulting custom blended figure is unique, and unlikely to find any clothes to fit him or her. It’s a similar problem if you use a custom morph (Alice again, for example) which the clothing doesn’t support. Prior to DAZ Studio 3 the way around this was to use magnets, deformers and clever Scale dial twiddling to make the clothes fit. That’s a fine art (and something I’ve covered before) and DS3 offers a new solution too: Morph Follower.

Right click on the item of clothing in the preview pane, select Morph Follower, wait a while and it’s done. Simple as that – the clothing gains the custom morph settings of the figure and adapts to fit automatically. I had to make a few small tweaks to the settings for She-Ro above, but it was far, far easier than trying to fit the bodysuit to her unique shape by hand. This ‘wulf approves.

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