Endday Prelude: Plotting and expectations

With the Endday Campaign on temporary hold, I have a little more time than usual to plot the next few sessions. I’m planning a big climax to the end of the Hero Tier where events begin to take on a larger scale than the current isolated demonic incursions. It’s going to get awfully dark out there……………

But that’s for later.

Session Eight is the next one scheduled (though the when is a little in the air right now). Talking of air – this session is entirely set in (and around!) a plane en route from Los Angeles to Chicago. Expect 30,000 feet of mayhem involving a large tin box full of people, an electrical storm and snakes some very angry demons. The first one to say “Get your ************ demons off my ********* plane!” gets a gold star.

When (and if) our heroes land at O’Hare they’re greeted with the coldest winter on record. Jack Frost himself has taken over the Windy City and he’s brought some friends.

This arc is going to cover Sessions Nine, Ten and into the Paragon Tier at Session Eleven where our heroes cross into Jack Frost’s home turf to battle him on the Plane of Ice and Snow. Narnia, this ain’t.

For Jack Frost himself I’m using the Needle Demon stats straight from Monster Manual 2 with the Wizard template applied. Add one Cold theme, and we’re done. Damn, I love 4e monster customization rules. He’s a level 12 Elite Controller with a retinue of Ice Trolls Ice Demons and Shardstorm Vortex Elementals Wendigos. Among other things, but I’m not going to reveal all my secrets just yet, ok?

This all leads in to the run up to Session Fifteen when…………. I’ll tell you about that another time.

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  1. As always, Wulf, love what you’re doing with 4e. I can’t find anyone who matches you in exploring its flexibility and potential with such ease. I enjoy reading about this campaign.

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