When laptops explode

Well ok, it didn’t quite explode, but let’s face it – “when laptops suddenly stop working in an anti-climactic manner” isn’t such an eye-grabbing blog title, is it?

In short: I rebooted my laptop, it didn’t want to. I’ve one hefty corrupt hard drive. Ouch. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem – one quick trip into the Recovery CD and we’re away again – except the DVD drive on my battered and much-used lappy hasn’t worked for quite some time.

Solution two is usually to boot from Linux on a USB Pendrive. That’s what I spent a fair chunk of yesterday trying to do. Except the problem is that my USB ports are…. uhh…. intermittent. Did I mention this laptop is battered and well-used? Yeah. That thing.

So here I am using the same laptop without the harddrive thanks to the wonder that is Damn Small Linux and UNetbootin. 50Mb download, onto a pendrive and I’m in. Add one shared network connection through Christa’s desktop machine (my wifi doesn’t work in DSL) and we’re rolling again. As DSL is entirely resident in memory when it’s up I can remove the pendrive and know it’ll stay up and running just fine. It’s blazingly fast too. I love DSL – easily one of the best versions of Linux ever made.

No new renders from me until I get a replacement laptop though, but that should be Real Soon.

Later, folks.

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  1. I can’t begin to imagine what I’d do if my computer went finally kaput; especially as I have no comprehension at all about how this ‘magic box’ actually works and conjures my words out into the ether! Missing you all the best for a speedy recovery!

  2. Luckily I have more than enough PCs to fall back on when one of them fails.

    @Greywulf: Good to have you back! And now hurry to the store and get a new one, I can’t live without your daily CGI posts!
    .-= Stargazer´s last blog ..Cyberpunk! =-.

  3. Thanks, all. I’ll be properly back just as soon as. At least thanks to Damn Small Linux I can carry on doing workstuff, which is handy.

    I culled all my older machines a while back. There’s just the backup server behind me, Croxie’s desktop behemoth and my little laptop now. OK, and two iMacs and a couple of ancient laptops with no hard drives. And……..

    I’ve not lost much in truth beyond the ability to use DAZ Studio, and being tethered for ‘net connection sucks once you’re used to wifi. I’ll live :D

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