Chimera 2.0 – out now!

Things are pretty busy today here at Greywulf Towers but I want to give a quick shout-out about Chimera 2.0. It’s a quick-to-play multi-genre RPG that’s designed with busy (and Lazy!) GMs in mind, but is detailed enough to handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

Chimera 2.0Erin saw fit to take one of my blogposts and turn it into one of the chapters of the book too, so I even get a credit in there as well. Which is nice.

I’m reading through my copy right now (well, not right now – I’m writing a blogpost right now, of course. You readers can be so picky sometimes), and expect a full review Real Soon.

But don’t wait – sign up to the Welsh Piper newsletter to snag a discount and get the Quick Start rules and buy it from RPG Now buy it directly from Welsh Piper.


UPDATE: Erin was kind enough to send me this email:

Just saw your post on Chimera – thanks much for the encouraging write up.

One item of note: the subscriber discount can only be applied when purchasing Chimera through the Welsh Piper site ( Unfortunately, RPGNow doesn’t have an efficient way (yet) for me to differentiate subscribers from non-subscribers, so I can’t apply the discount code to RPGNow orders without considerable manual effort.

So now you know! :D

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  1. 20$ for a 111-paged PDF? Sorry, that’s a bit too much for my taste, especially when you consider that Paizo released the PDF version of Pathfinder for just $10. I think I will settle with the QuickStart riules for now.
    .-= Stargazer´s last blog ..I like this! =-.

  2. @Stargazer The discount drops it to a far more reasonable $12. I’ll be writing about the price and whether I think it’s worth it in the full review though.

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