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I’m all out of braincells today, so hope you don’t mind me using some of yours instead. Here’s a hero who is as agile as Spiderman and almost (but not quite) as strong as Thing from the Fantastic Four. His rough backstory so far is that he lacks the little cut-off switch in his brain that tells him when he’s reached his physical potential. So, the more he trains the faster and stronger he gets – and the sky is the limit.


I’ve been throwing around ideas based on words like “Peak”, “Potential”, “Summit” and the like, and got nuthin’ that grabs me. In some ways he’s similar to Throwback. I might find some way to link the two.

Over to you, dear reader. Any suggestions?

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  1. Could it be the reason “Peak” and “Potential” aren’t grabbing you is because he hasn’t reached those in himself, but he keeps reaching?

    How about “Strive”, because he’s always striving to be his best.

  2. @CraigR “Strive” is definitely along the right lines. I like :D

    @Thunderforge The Unlimited Man.Hmmmm…. it’s almost there….

    @mxyzplk Now I’ve got the image of a somersaulting Umber Hulk in my head. Too cool!

    Apex. I really like that. Says everything. Might be a winner!

    Thanks, all. Keep ’em coming!

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