Oprah, Queen of the Skies

Communique reads: It is only through the diligence of our noble undercover reporter that we can disclose the shocking news about Oprah’s plans for world domination following her retirement from mainstream media in 2011.

We can reveal that Oprah has taken possession of a flotilla of airships and is currently bidding on ebay for a horde of flying monkeys. She is not yet, thankfully, the highest bidder and is locked in a bidwar with someone who calls herself WickedWitchOfTheNorth466.

If successful, Oprah intends to proclaim herself Queen of the Skies and launch attacks on all Right-Thinking Folks from her secret Antarctic Base. You have been warned!

Figure conforms to the Ralph Lauren Photo-Manipulated Vision of Beauty patent number 666,666,666 (the patent number of the beast) and may not reflect reality or anatomical possibility

Oprah, Queen of the Skies, PL8 pp120
Str 10, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 22, Wis 18, Cha 18
Tough +1/+4 (Jumpsuit), Tough +4, Ref +6, Will +7
Attack +8, Defense +8, Init +1

Computers +10, Craft (Chemical, Electronic, Mechanical) +12, Disable Device +12, Investigate +10, Knowledge (Earth, Life, Physical, Tech) +8, Notice +8, Perform (Chat Show Host) +8, Sense Motive +12

Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Master Plan, Minions 4 (Flying Monkeys, Camera Crew & Makeup), Equipment 4

Blaster (Device 3: Blast 8, Full Power) 80′ +8 DC23
Vehicle: Airship

If you wish to lead the fight against the Queen of the Skies in Mutants & Masterminds, generate a suitable team of four-colour two-fisted heroes around Power Level 6 and take to the air. Our blessings go with you.

(Blame deadorcs. It was his idea :D)

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