And the winner is…….

Caption contests are fun! A few days ago I posted this image and asked for your brightest and best captions for it and you guys delivered in spades. I thank you all. In the world of caption contestees, you are all winners.

But of course only one of you can walk away with the fabled no-prize. Such is the nature of contests, and indeed of life itself, I guess.

This time around the shout out goes to drow for this no-prize winning entry:

“Yeah, your sword is bigger. But can YOU find gems just by running through undergrowth? I thought not. Dumbass.”

I salute you!

Coming up next: More Long Term D&D pontifications, a catch-up on the Endday campaign, more about Why Teleportation Sucks and a super-special RPG Week featuring everyone’s favourite sci-fi RPG: Traveller!

Oh yeah. Stay tuned. Same Wulf time. Same Wulf channel.

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  1. i’d like to thank the academy, the guild, and the trust, and l33thax0r-19 on EFNet for providing the tools to delete any comments which were funnier than mine. and, of course, my cat. i couldn’t have done it without you, mister puffbottom.

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