Renderosity Freebie of the Week

In recent months the good folks at Renderosity have followed the lead from the peeps at DAZ3d and offered a free Poser item to go with their monthly newsletter. The first ones were – and I’m being polite here – hardly even worth the time to download, but recent ones are just plain terrific.

To my mind a good freebie from one of the commercial stores is one which showcases what they do, but not necessarily something I’d throw cold hard cash at to own. A useful doodad or prop, for example, or an unusual set of poses. What I don’t expect is something which I’d happily buy regardless; a freebie is a freebie after all and I don’t expect folks to create something that’s commercial-grade and get nothing for it.

But that’s what we have this week from Renderosity – a complete dress, bracelet and earring set for Victoria 4 complete with multiple textures and a full set of morphs for Morphs++, Aiko 4, Girl 4 and Elite. Wow. Thanks go to nirvy and Sorel for this one!

You’ll find it at the bottom of this month’s newsletter. Have at it!

Here’s a few test renders of the outfit showing 3 (out of 8) of the textures. The figure is Victoria 4.2 with the Elite Utopian morph, Standard Resolution textures and Deeta hair. Pretty sure I can find a use for this in Elven and superhero renders alike.




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