6 Comments on “Let’s meet today’s contestant on Guess the Armour Class”

  1. @drow: “Sorry, I follow the Rules of Rolemaster. I have AT 1, but +50 OB from studying Swordsmanship for far longer than you. Oh, I’m level 5. I’m going to keep your pants and cut your naked sword arm off.”
    .-= Elton´s last blog ..BOOK OF EROTIC FANTASY =-.

  2. Well we start at 10 plus dex. He looks slim and fit, but is quite ripped so lets say dex 13 for +1 to AC. The facial expression is pure badass so lets give him a charisma of 15 and he is obviously wearing magical leather underpants that allow him to add charisma bonus to AC so +2 there. Having a dex of 13 qualifies him for dodge so +1 there.

    Total AC 14

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