Now it's your turn to bring on the horror

Churning out a horror(-ish) themed render a day is fun, but today the brain juices aren’t quite flowing as they should.

So, I’m going to hand the floor over to you, gentle reader. Suggest a horror image you’d like to see and I’ll pick one (or more) and make it. Want to finally see the stuff of your nightmares up close? Think you’ve got what it takes to come up with something really scary? Now’s your chance to shine!

Bring on the horror!!

4 Comments on “Now it's your turn to bring on the horror”

  1. Accidentally deleting a term paper!

    Having to live alone as a young, struggling writer in your now very empty childhood home.

    Captured by zombie dopplegangers of your friends, you are forced to relive your moments with them, including sleeping in the same bed as the cold-fleshed stand-in for the girlfriend the breakup with whom led to your current madness. Option: It Gets Worse: they’re not doppelgangers.

    The Internet takes physical form and beats Cthulhu at his own game.

    I realize most are too complicated or far-reaching for a single render, but they might give inspiration for specific scenes.

  2. How about, a render of someone doing a Daz studio render? You know, are we really here, or are we just some twisted story being told by a speaker somewhere…..

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