Endday session five: Oh the weather outside is frightful, 5th September II

“It starts snowing.”

With those three words, my players pause then utter a collective expletive. In the previous session they found out that extreme weather heralds the arrival of new demons, and here they are battling just one to a standstill in a junkyard in the middle of nowhere.

Priority one becomes finishing the Neldrazu off, and fast. They’re 5th level and most of the players have burnt their best Dailies already. The demon is immobilized (thanks to Web) and bloodied. Now Web is a great spell if you want to stop a critter in it’s tracks, but it’s less useful if you then want to get up close and personal too – they end up Immobilised as well if they’re in the zone. Our two Fighters and Rogue don’t have much of a choice though so in they go. Daniel Giddens makes the mistake of taking front point, makes a great Sneak Attack but takes a shedload of damage in return for his trouble. Two rounds later though, and it’s over.

The Neldrazu drops and his remains dissolve into a watery puddle on the floor. They don’t get much time to think about that though as the snow is coming down at a tremendous rate. It’s already settling in some areas, and odd mounds are forming around the junkyard. Odd larger-than-human shaped mounds.

“Hit the snowmen!” Oscar shouts, and our heroes end up running ’round the junkyard making Perception checks and whacking at any pile of snow that looks like it might turn into a demon any time soon. One old filing cabinet takes a hefty critical from Caroline’s Spiked Chain, but many of the snowpiles collapse with an otherworldly shriek of fury.

One Neldrazu makes it to full form before they reach him. The demon erupts out of the snowpile straight at Annette Weber. This critter is Level 6, and weakened from it’s arrival from Hell – he starts Bloodied at 30hp until he gets time to rest up a while. Not that he’s going to get chance. It misses the attack. Oscar hits then Annette shoots off Burning Hands straight at him. I tell her that’s an extra 5 damage due to Vulnerability to Fire (but not why he’s vulnerable), and it does 20 in total.

The Neldrazu’s body explodes, and our heroes are showered….. with snow. Clues, more clues.

The only problem they’ve got now is that they’re snowed in, 3 miles from the nearest motel. Time to start walking.

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  1. Sounds like a great session! Since this game seems like they are very concise sessions, how much do you have planned and how much are you relying on railroading/steering the story? I’m not saying that is a bad thing at all, since sometimes being steered through a great story, like a movie, is an enjoyable adventure:)
    .-= wrathofzombie´s last blog ..Banter! Banter! Banter! =-.

  2. @wrath At the start of any campaign, I guess there has to be a degree of railroading until the players find their feet and work out what’s going on. That said, they’re entirely free to decide whether they want to go demon-huntin’ or not – provided they are prepared to face up to the consequences if they don’t :D

    Now we’re 5 sessions in, I’m expecting the sessions to become a little more proactive rather than reactive in nature. We’ll see.

    In terms of planning, I’ve a definite end-scene in sight and a couple of set-pieces I aim to toss in when it feels right to do so. Beyond that, my planning is basically:

    1) Pick a demon of the day
    2) Think of a cool setting
    3) Optionally, insert one or more NPCs/redshirts
    4) Go!

    There. You know all my secrets now :D

  3. This rmdines me of some article I read somewhere about cultures that do exorcisms rather than seeing "mental illness" in people, and how that affects the culture's acceptance of the person once the illness has passed/demon is expelled. It was pretty interesting. Wish I could remember where I found it or what it was.

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