When renders go wrong

I had an idea for a render – nothing complicated, y’understand. The plan was an image of a strong, naked woman laying on a single rose petal viewed from overhead. I wanted the image to show strength and beauty, but in a form that’s oh-so-small. Not a fairy, oh no – I wanted a full-on figure that was clearly human, not some waif-like fae figurine.

I guess if you wanted the “grand concept”, it’s to show the relationship between strength and delicacy. Not, of course, that I had a grand concept. I just wanted a naked woman on a rose petal, dammit.

So, that’s the plan. I used the Dynamic Tablecloth (best DAZ3d freebie ever) as a faux rose petal, applied a red velvet shader to  it and placed it underneath the somnambulant form of Victoria 4.2. Add one She Freak morph to give her strength, and it’s ready to roll.

Then it’s just a matter of running the Dynamics. I set the gravity to -2 so that the Tablecloth raised upwards then sat back and watched while DAZ Studio did it’s thing. Looking good, I hit render, and………..


Well that’s…… odd. Beautiful too, in a surreal, slightly disturbingly erotic kinda way.

Turns out that right before I hit render, I’d added the final lights (Light Dome Pro Cloudy Low), and for some strange that had caused the Tablecloth/rose petal to jump upwards, placing it right above Vicky’s reclining form.

If you want to see the corrected, final version of the render, click here (NSFW).

Let me know which you prefer :D

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  1. @Elton Unfortunately I also think I’ve got a streaming nose, painful headache, achy limbs and sore throat.

    That’s my problem: too much imagination :D

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