Meet the Aaargh-Team


Ten years ago, a cracked commando unit was sent to jail by a militia court for a crime they most certainly did commit. These orcs promptly escaped from a wooden stockade to the Nentir Vale underground. Today, still wanted by  humans and orc alike, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The Aaargh-Team.

The Aaargh-Team (so called because of their war cry – orcs aren’t known for their imagination) is a group of four orcs who have somehow drifted into doing good deeds – but the kind of good deeds that only those with a naturally evil disposition will do. If you need a precious heirloom liberating from the safe of a Master Thief, a cruel Landlord putting in his place or a sworn enemy disposing of, you need the Aaargh-Team.

Originally a squad of Commando Scouts for the Yoosay Clan they’re now solo operatives, having been disowned and occassionally hunted by Bullfright, the Yoosay’s top tracker. They somehow manage to stay one step ahead of him all the way, mainly thanks to the network of thankful folks who have benefited from the Aaargh-Team’s assistance in the past.

‘Annibal (Orc Chieftan)
Level 8 Elite Brute (Leader) XP 700

The de-facto leader of the Aaargh-Team is ‘Annibal. His name originates from his habit of eating orc flesh – the C is silent. He has been known to collect trophies during a battle, particularly fingers which he sucks whilst making plans.

Were it not for his inability to follow orders and suck up to his superiors ‘Annibal would have been destined for Orcish greatness. He has all the makings (and scars) of an orc clan chief, but without a clan to lead. He is (for an Orc) tactically brilliant, and the rest of the Aaargh-Team follow his instructions without question.

Ok, they might question them, but they do follow them.

Most of the time.

Face (Doppelganger Assassin)
Level 8 Lurker XP 350

Although brought up as an Orc, Face is really a Doppelganger. Most orcish tribes collect babies and infants during their raids, and the lucky ones (those that aren’t eaten) are adopted by the clan and added to the gene pool. Face was but a babe when found, and his natural shape-changing ability changed him into an Orc when the brutal warrior stood over him. For all he knows, he’s a 100% pureblood Orc, allbeit one with a unique and fantastic ability.

Face works for the Aaargh-Team as a front-man (front-orc?), changing his appearance to scout out an area and assess whether the client is genuine and (most importantly) whether they can pay.

B.O. (Orc Bloodrager)
Level 7 Elite Brute XP 600

If there’s one thing worse than an Orc Bloodrager it’s a smelly Orc Bloodrager. That’s down to B.O.’s overriding fear of water. While most Orcs rarely bathe they have been known to at least get wet once in a while. The only time you’ll get B.O. near the stuff is when he’s unconscious. Just try getting him in a boat.

The only problem is – how do you knock an Orc Bloodrager out? And do you want to be anywhere near him when he wakes up?

Howler (Orc Eye of Gruumsh)
Level 5 Controller XP 200

Some call Howler crazy, and they’re right. Some say it’s all an act. They’re wrong. Howler is pure, 100% certifiable. Thankfully though it’s the kind of crazy that the Aaargh-Team needs, and ‘Annibal knows just how and when to use Howler’s particular talents. Usually Howler is kept on a tight leash (a strong black leather one), but when the fightin’ starts he’s let loose.

Just keep out of his Chaos Hammer’s blast radius, and you’ll be fine.


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  1. “These Trogs are Panzies! I pity the fool if any orc looks like these Trogs! I’m a real orc, click on my link to see what REAL ORCS look like!”

    — Shakgriig, the hammer – Orc of the Battered Axe
    .-= Elton´s last blog ..Some Orcs are Pussies! =-.

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