Two words: Kenku. Archmage.


Any questions?

In other news, workstuff is kinda busy right now so that means I’m slowly getting backlogged on the blogposts I want to write. I’ve a couple of reviews planned including one for Mindstorm Labs’ The Encountered: Volume I (in short: it’s drop-dead gorgeous and inspirationally brilliant. Buy it), a write-up for the last Endday session (in short: Supernatural meets Freddy. Run away) and a DAZ Studio tutorial about camera positioning. Exciting stuff, eh?

But that’s all, dear readers, for other days.

See you then!

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  1. @Helmsman Here’s a quick word of advice. Read them at least three times. Once to drool over the freakin’ amazing artwork. Once to set your mind on fire with the stunning text, then once with a really strong cup o’ coffee to understand the rules. They’re gnarly, but well worth the effort.

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