Endday session four: 4th September, a preview

Time for a quick recap! In the first session of the Endday campaign, our heroes fought a load of demons in the rain on the 405. Session two saw them battling in the fog at LAX. For number three they wound up in the jungles of ’60s Vietnam. Now, it’s time for them to take a break. I think they’ve deserved it, don’t you?

Our last session ended with the game campaign time set at noon, 3rd September. I let the players know that the next session wouldn’t begin until the evening of the 4th so their characters had some time to kill. I left them to fill in the details.

This is something I’m used to doing when superhero gaming; ask the players to fill in their character’s downtime and it helps round out the game world to the Nth degree. If Ultramegaman’s alter ego spends most of his free time with his human family while Strong Gal (AKA Sally Strong) slogs away at work then you know more about what motivates them, and also know (in your GM guise as Megavillain-in-chief) where to hit them hardest. When a crazy megalomaniac accidentally targets Ultramegaman’s family or there’s a bomb threat in Sally Strong’s office it’s those out-of-game plot hooks doing the work.

So back to D&D, and Endday.

Annette Weber returns to her bookstore where she handles the mundane (change of clothes, bills, paperwork, feed the cat, etc) before settling down to do some serious research. Mark (her player) is convinced there’s a link between extreme weather and demonic forces so it’s time to hit the Religion and Meteorology sections of the store.

Oscar Marcinelli and Caroline MacAulney head off on their bikes back to Oscar’s ramshackle farm to get better acquainted. It’s not surprising these two hooked up. The players have already joked that it’s the kiss of death for at least one of them. PC romances always end badly in our games :D

Daniel Giddens, our Rogue Accountant, heads to his opulent home for a change of clothes (replacing one soiled black suit for a well-pressed new one) and slides into the office. He’s a high-powered Corporate Tax Accountant and Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at Chalice & Hope. Imagine James Woods with a Hand Crossbow, and you’re there. He arrives just at the end of his own wake – as he’s not been seen since the events of 1st September people had assumed he’d died during the “Violent Storm” on the 405!

The next session will begin in the evening of 4th September and it will involve Our Heroes facing their toughest threat to date: a serial killer Solo Demon of the Dark.

Stay tuned!

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