Back to basics


It’s good to clear-out the cruft on your computer once in a while. It cleans the mind, clears the synapses and forces you to think: what do I really need?

That’s what I did a few days ago, deleting my Runtime folder containing all the figures, props, textures and more before deleting and re-installing DAZ Studio. 46Gb of data vanished with a press of the delete key. Forty-six frickin’ gig! That’s the accumulation of years of messin’ with Poser and DAZ Studio, and I suspect that the majority of it had only been used once, if at all. I’ve backups and original installers available, so there’s nothing really lost.

But there’s a visceral pleasure to killing so many virtual people all at once. Goodbye Victoria (2, 3 and 4). Goodbye Michael, David, Hiro, Aiko and the rest. Is there a pixel heaven, I wonder.

So it’s re-install time. I’m slowly putting back the stuff I do want, and ignoring the stuff I don’t. Victoria 4 and Michael 4 are back along with all their morphs, but V3 and M3 are gone, consigned to the bit-bucket of history. At least up until the point where I need them for a specific project or something.

I’m almost done. My Runtime folder is 1/10th its previous size and DAZ Studio now merrily flies through the folders. I can see what I’ve got to work with, at last.

It feels good.

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